River Bend Kids

Tagging Items for Resale

  1. Use white card stock to print tags— its a real hassle to lose a tag at a sale and could result in putting the item aside so that customers may not buy it.
  2. Make sure tags are legible and not smudged. If they are, our scanners won’t be able to read the items.
  3. Connect all shoes with a zip tie so that they don’t get separated.
  4. Use packing tape to secure tags onto flat items (games, books, etc.)
  5. Use gallon ziplock bags to group things when possible (accessories, toys). Tape the zip lock bag shut and then tape the price tag onto the bag using packing tape.
  6. Blankets should be nicely folded. If they can fit into a gallon sized ziplock, that would be recommended. Otherwise, please secure blankets in a folded state by tying them together with ribbon.
  7. When tagging clothing, your first choice should always be to connect price tag to the items manufactured tag. If there is not a manufactured tag on the item, located an inconspicuous seam. As a last resort, tag through the arm pit, back neckline, or other area that will be relatively unnoticeable. The goal here is to not create holes on your items!
  8. Include as much information on the tags as you can. If you are grouping more than one item, specify that on the tag (ie. 2PCS, or 3PCS).

Click here for a video demonstrating how to tag some items!