River Bend Kids

Our story

👋🏻 Hey Bend community! I’m Lisa, creator of River Bend Kids and mom to three amazing kiddos.

One of my very favorite things about raising my kids in Bend is watching them at play in the river. It is here where I see their joy and I know that my decision to raise them here, along the river, was the right one!

What River Bend Kids means to me is that instead of spending a fortune on clothing and toys, I can shop resale and spend more on experiences with my children.

For years, I’ve dreamt of creating a place where moms could collaborate and help each other provide more for their children. What one family outgrows, becomes an opportunity for another. As my children age, our piles of outgrown items grow, and the bins of toys they’ve lost interest in grow along with them.

River Bend Kids will provide a much needed resource to families here in Bend by allowing them to resell their items in large quantities. Our consignors get to keep the majority of their proceeds, and have the option to donate items that don’t sell to a non-profit that provides relief to families in crisis.

At a glance

Our mission

Our mission is to make buying gently-used children’s clothing and products more affordable and accessible, and to make reselling of such products more profitable and convenient.