River Bend Kids

Pricing Guidelines

In order to preserve the integrity of River Bend Kids Resale and to ensure that consignors collect the highest value for their items, we ask that all merchandise is in gently-used condition. When pricing, please consider condition, age and manufacturer of each item before determining its pricing. What we suggest to consignors is this: expect for customers to pay MORE than garage sale pricing and slightly LESS than online consignments (ie. eBay, Kidizen, ThredUp). Each item should be priced above $2. Also, price your items in increments of $1 when able.

On Sunday, consignors have the option to participate in the half-sale portion of the event. Consignors that chose to discount their items on the last day should do so by tagging their items in the MySalesNet software found under Consignors Homepage.

  • Chain store clothing (Gymboree, Gap, Old Navy, Carters) should be priced somewhere between $2- $4 per garment OR between $5 -$12 per outfit.
  • Boutique clothing can command a higher price. This is an area where you may wish to use your discretion regarding pricing. As an example: Hanna Andersson garments may be priced anywhere between $6-$12 per item. Tea Collection pricing would be very similar. International clothing companies such as Catimini and Boden clothing in excellent condition can be priced up to $20 per item depending on the type of garment.
  • Season specific clothing is a category that should have more uniform pricing. Higher valued brands such as Lands End, Patagonia, North Face, Obermeyer and others should be priced at a value somewhere around $25-$65 per garment and $8-$15 per accessory.
  • Multiple item bundles— This is a good idea if you wish to sell lots of one kind of item. A good example of this is socks. Consignors may wish to bundle socks of the same size into a tagged zip-lock bag to be sold at a bundled price. Another good example of this would be swaddle blankets, receiving blankets, or crib sheets.
  • Baby gear: Should be priced at approx. 20%-%30 of its retail value. Exceptions can be made here for higher-end lines.
  • Car Seats: priced $25- $45 unless luxury branded.
  • Strollers $15+ for umbrella or grab and go, $50+ brands such as Graco & Eddie Bauer, $100+ for UPPAbaby, and $150+ for excellent condition Bob, Bumbleride, etc.
  • Books: $2- $5 (higher priced books will include board books and books with electronic features)
  • Maternity wear: Priced by garment (somewhere between $5- $15).

When in doubt, take a look on Facebook Marketplace or eBay to see what other sellers are pricing their merchandise. You may want to price your items to sell if that is ultimately your goal. The more you sell, the less you store and the more you have to reinvest in other items!